1st Weekly Art Dump

Hello, sharing some art. All of it was done on Adobe Animate. Let me know what you think!

Coal and Damsel walking and talking, this was a quick sketch that I did as a after putting in some work on the Redwood Class ship illustration (further down the page). I really love these two characters and the energy they have together. As drovers go, Damsel is actually of fairly small in build, but it is still much taller than Coal, who is above average height for a human female.

This was an armor study of Unnur, an important character that appears in chapter 5. This took quite a bit of work for me. I wanted to make sure the armor fit her physique correctly, so I drew her somewhat unclothed first and worked from there. The pose isn’t amazingly interesting, but it’s a study of the armor so I give myself a pass 😋.

This is unnur again, I like this pose a lot more. It’s more scribbly because I time limited myself (maybe took 20 minutes?). I love raw lines, they are often more expressive than refined work. It was great having the reference from the previous image to create this.

Reposting this one (it appeared earlier this week in The Custodians and August (Part 2). This one took me several sittings over several days. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I wanted to create a sleek-looking ship that represented the optimism and drive of the Custodians. I also wanted to make sure that the ship had a scoop that it could use to harvest gasses from space to power itself, I also wanted a conical/futuristic look to the upper half. I really like how it came together. The planet didn’t take too long (probably could have put more time into it), but the shading an details on the hull were quite time-consuming. As I don’t do a lot of full-color illustrations, I was fairly happy with it. Hoping to get more practice with color illustration.

This one is not actually from this week, I posted it on my Twitter page a few weeks back. I was just having some fun with illustrating on this one. This is Phylan wearing the baseball uniform of the Phoenix Tidals. Two of the characters in Free Drove are from this the colony of Phoenix, Phylan being one of them. Phoenix is distant from earth but not nearly as distant as August. Still the two colonies share a common conception of being “remote”. The similarities end there, as Phoenix’s culture is quite different from August’s.

This is Beldeerv, an aquian. You can actually see him in in Chapter 1 Part 1 (link moves you to the time marker right befor he shows up). I have a problem with the aquians being soft-bodied and thus lacking distict joints. While this might be easier to draw, it also tends to look more doodley, so I need to find a way around that. Still, I really like the one on the right. These sketches will help with the animation of Part 2.

With the Coronavirus lockdown in place, I’ve been playing Dance Central Spotlight on the XBox Kinect. It’s a pretty old game but is an awesome exercise and really fun. For a while I’ve wanted to do something related to dance, so this was the result. It’s not Free Drove related, but it was a really fun pose study. It took me a while to figure out a pose that looked right, but when I was done, I felt it was really a notch up from my previous human form works.

I’ll make sure I keep sketching to improve my skill, hope to share more with you soon!


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I am writing/illustrating the work-in-progress novel "Free Drove". I am a science fiction and animation fan. My mind latches on to trivia readily and creates it just as easily.

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