Chapter 1, Part 1

Yes it’s true, the first video of the Free Drove series is finally up!!

This is the third video to be released on the channel, the first two being the intro videos (subtitled and un-subtitled). But this video is the first in the actual story proper.

You might notice that the posting date of the video is 2020-03-21 which is a day after I promised it (2020-03-20). But, in fact, I did have the video posted around 22:00 Honolulu time so technically, I made the deadline 💪😠. No, I don’t live in Hawaii, but I couldn’t make it by local midnight… It was a real dash.

Animating Coal, the human in the center, was a serious undertaking, took me several days, probably 8 hours in all. I don’t know why I got so ambitious so close to the deadline!! 😩

Anyhow, the morning after the video was posted, we worked out some graphical uggs and fixed up the sound. I reposted the video on the 21st with the fixes and deleted the old one. I promise the sound quality is much better!

The Surprise – MUSIC!

So in my post about the intro video I promised a surprise, and if you’ve watched the video, you’ll have noticed the soundtrack! You might have notied that I wrote “we” in the paragraph above. Well, I’m glad to let you know that I have a talented musician contributing to the project! For the purposes of this project he goes by Seedling and is a self-published composer and multi-instrumentalist. His contribution has added another layer to the video in a way that I could not have done by myself.

I’ve never mentioned anything about music before and it was something I only thought of doing after I started working on the first video. But I really love how it turned out. Working with Seedling was a really fun process. Most everything is a product of his brain, but when I had a suggestion, he integrated it into the work and kept rolling. I think I will ask him to make a post about the music sometime in the future.

Beyond helping with the music, Seedling also lent his discerning eye for catching some graphical issues that were left behind by my clumsy hands.


So now I feel like the spirit of the project is really coming together. I have the same path forward, but the landmarks of two videos behind me. This will help me refine the process and strengthen my resolve to keep going.

In order to be more accommodating to guests, I’ve rearranged the blog’s front page. It now features the introductory video, blog posts, video library and the twitter feed in that order. I think that someone stepping onto the site will not experience the confusion that would have bedeviled earlier visitors. If someone is not sure what they are looking at, they can watch the intro video to get a quick context. People who want to stick around can read the articles and leave comments. I’m always looking for feedback and comments, so please feel free to drop a comment either here, on YouTube or on Twitter.

Thanks to everyone who has been on this adventure with me so far and I welcome all who want to join in and watch this science-fiction story continue to take shape!


Published by Sapling

I am writing/illustrating the work-in-progress novel "Free Drove". I am a science fiction and animation fan. My mind latches on to trivia readily and creates it just as easily.

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