Organic Realignment

So I mentioned in my intro video post that I learned some things about myself and about the way I work. So here’s what I learned:

1. I have time constraints

I have a full time job, which I enjoy, but limits the amount of time I can dedicate to the project. So you say: “Seriously, Saps, you didn’t already know that?” No, Yeah, I knew that… But I overestimated how much time I have left after work and I also underestimated how tired I am at the end of some days. Of course, everyone has a limited amount of time, but we aren’t always aware how little time we have, or how long a task will take. Which brings me to…

2. I overestimated my productivity

So this was probably my biggest flaw. When I started the Free Drove Introductory Video, I thought it would take me a week! Hahaha 😂, what a dummy! It ended up taking me around 2 months to finish (late December to late February). Now, of course this doesn’t represent eight weeks of 40 hours, but still, I knew that when I started and it still ended up taking 800% more time… (and I’m a certified project manager, so FOR SHAME!).

Part of the overrun was due to me adding bells and whistles, wanting to enhance the video. Another was not really having the video storyboarded from start to finish, so I wasn’t clear on everything that was going to be needed. For the next video iterations, I will be sticking to this formula:

  • Record voice
  • Storyboard the video
  • Add drawings and animations

I’ll amend this process as needed. One more thing, I can feel myself getting better and faster at drawing, and getting more comfortable using the particular set of hardware and software that I have.

3. I lost track of scope

In project management, scope is the entirety of the work that will be completed in a project. There are many pitfalls that occur in defining what a project will accomplish, and sometimes the pitfall is having ambiguous definitions.

As I started posting on WordPress and Free Drove’s Twitter feed, I’ll admit, I got a bit dazzled by the quest for views, followers, and likes. This quest can lead one down a bad path, if you let it. In an effort to promote the project, I tried to create more art that fell outside the scope of completing the video and this slowed me down. My efforts were largely unsuccessful anyway, so can’t say it even helped out much 😅, I still have a lot to learn. So what’s my solution?

Organic Realignment

I’ve decided not to create additional art that falls outside the scope of the videos and the site. Instead, I’ll post progress shots and gifs that let folks see how the project is going and helps me focus on pushing out videos. So basically, realigning the blog and promotional efforts to use what I’m already creating as part of creating the video.

Let’s see how this iteration works out for me!


Published by Sapling

I am writing/illustrating the work-in-progress novel "Free Drove". I am a science fiction and animation fan. My mind latches on to trivia readily and creates it just as easily.

4 thoughts on “Organic Realignment

  1. I’m currently having the same kinds of troubles but mine is more concentrated towards streamlining because I can and want to do a lot, especially since they are all related but things generally seem to fall apart. I would try to go see your video. Thanks for going through my posts

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    1. Of course! I appreciate your writing and perspective. I totally get wanting to do a lot. For me, there are many things that I recognize are within my ability. But it’s actually destructive to try to do everything because I end up setting back my project. I’ve found that writing down what I plan on doing (just a few bullet points) helps center me.

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