A Few Notes for 2020

Hello all. It’s been an exciting year. I started this project late in 2019 so I’m hoping 2020 is Free Drove’s first full year. Thanks to everyone who’s dropped in to check on the progress, this blog has helped me stay on track!

I hope you had a good year in 2019. If not, please know that we all have allies whether they are family, friends, or people we haven’t noticed are there for us. Don’t go it alone, let others help you through the tough parts. We are social creatures, we have only survived evolution’s gauntlet by hanging together.

I wish everyone a great 2020 – a year when we can reinforce what makes us strong, dispense with what holds us back, and continue to create a future that is good for us as individuals and empowers those around us.

A few quick updates on the project:

First, Free Drove is now on Twitter. I’ve been posting new messages on Twitter pretty much daily for about a week (so, just getting started). Please come check it out for updates on my progress and a daily visual! @freedrove.

I’m on Twitter!! Only one million years after everyone else…

Second, I’ve added a quick plot primer in the first two paragraphs of the About Page. This will give you a mini-expo on where the story starts.

Third, I’m hard at work on creating a new introductory video that will help explain the general thrust of the project and the story. I realize the blog might seem a bit discombobulated to people who are happening upon it for the first time. Part of this lack of focus has come from me not wanting to give away too much of the plot before the video series begins. As a result, I’ve written about topics that fill in background information without the benefit of a full context. So, given that this is a slow moving project that I’m doing on my free time, I feel I need to give a better foundation to those who want to follow along. I’ve come up with a quick summary of the initial setting of the story, recorded the audio, and am now working on animating it. I should be able to release the video by next week (I’m actually really excited about it!).

Working on animating the introductory video

Much more to come, drop by again soon!


Published by Sapling

I am writing/illustrating the work-in-progress novel "Free Drove". I am a science fiction and animation fan. My mind latches on to trivia readily and creates it just as easily.

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