Sketches: Marvan heron armor

Doing a sketch drop. I’m getting pretty close to the battle scene in the first video. And because representatives of almost all the species are in this scene, I have to figure out what each one of them looks like in armor.

You might have seen the Marvan heron in some previous posts, now I’m working on an armor design for it. Marvans are very intelligent but few in number and mostly solitary. As a result they have never developed a civilization of their own. They rely on other civilizations’ technological bases and most of their personal technology is custom made.

Herons have some shortcomings in combat. One is the long neck that has to be protected. Another is their short wings. I have to work with this, so I don’t think they’ll be carrying an long arms, or even any double-handed weapons.

The heron figure on the left shows the hand structure, wearing armor, the heron’s plumage would have to be tucked into the armor.
The figure on the right shows the heron with the head lowered. In combat, herons will naturally lower their heads to protect the neck and keep a low profile. Segmented armor protects the parts of the neck that remain exposed.

Instead of relying on brute strength I’m designing their battle capabilities to be based on speed and cunning. Herons are master problem solvers and have a knack for finding the relevant information in any situation. This would make them natural tacticians, sensing the tide of battle and ferreting out the enemy’s weak-points.

I’ll update later after I settle on a final design.


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